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Where to Eat in Kenya?

The food of Eastern Africa has a lot of flavors because it is under the influence of several outside places starting from the Missionary days. In this region, a lot of different cultures have set up. The culture of indigenous Kenya has merged with the outside influences that have resulted in some authentic methods of cooking which is why this place has a lot of interesting cuisines to offer to its visitors or residents. Whenever you are in Kenya you will definitely get a lot of places that will offer you with delectable treats which are not only unique but is also delicious.

Mombasa: Mombasa is a place which is like a luxury resort where you can spend your holiday and enjoy the turquoise water, pristine beaches and enjoy the diversity of several cultures here. Because of the diversity, you can see that it has a lot of food to offer and each of the meals will have a unique Arabic flair. During the 14th century, all the Arab traders have invaded into this port city by taking the route of the Indian Ocean. Because of their mingling with the people of Kenya it has influenced their religion, cuisine and their way of living. One can have the Local Swahili if you are looking for a food with has the infusion of coconut flavor and is mildly spicy. You can also have some street foods which are also famous like the mbaazi ya nazi,  mshikaki, samosa, and kahawa chungu. This is the place where one can also enjoy kinds of seafood that are coming from the Indian Ocean and hence they are readily available. Make sure you are also enjoying the Achari which is dried mangoes and is a type of favored snack.

Eldoret: Great Rift Valley has a vibrant town where one can enjoy several great cuisines which are based on plant and diaries. This region is widely popular for providing dairy farms which make milk their key ingredient. Make sure you are having the Mursik that is the local delicacy. It is prepared by using the fresh blood of cow or goat along with the fermented milk. For welcoming its visitors this drink is served. If you want to enjoy other cuisines of this place apart from the milk products then you can opt for the Irish pub or have some steak dipped in whiskey sauce along with some Indian cuisines.

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Tamarind: It is a place where one can enjoy the best type of Kenyan seafood. The menu that is provided here has a huge collection of seafood along with meat dishes and the entire menu is continental. Whenever you are visiting this place make sure you are trying the garlic jumbo prawns along with fried crab claws. This place has a serene space and elegant ambiance. Make sure you are also enjoying a glass of South African sauvignon blanc. This is the place which comes with an extraordinary collection of meat dishes and is also has several dishes for vegetarian people as well.

Misono: If you want to enjoy all the Japanese cuisine like sashimi and sushi, then this is the right place for you. It is situated in Ngong and here you will enjoy a fine dining experience. Whenever you are visiting this place make sure you are trying out the local lobster along with the teppanyaki menu, California rolls and many more.

Tatu: When you are at the Tatu steakhouse, then make sure you are trying out the Mombasa coastline along with the seafood and grilled Kenyan Angus beef. This place has an African decor and the kitchen is completely open. This is a place where you can enjoy the Tusker beer along with the chunky fries. You can try out the cocktail as it is available the entire day and it is worth your money.

Talisman: It is the best restaurant in Nairobi’s. It will surprise you with its Kenyan craft and tapestry. It offers several food events. It will also offer a continental menu. One can try out the coriander samosa along with the deluxe burger with cheese, bacon, apple slaw. Also, have the Turkish coffee which will be spicy along with the Malindi Indian Halwa.

Garissa: This is a place where you can enjoy some savory food and food that has cardamon in it. Here you will get various cuisine that has Ethiopian, Turkish and Italian influences. It also has various samosas which are either filled with vegetables and meat. Make sure you are also having the Iskudheh Karis which is a dish made of meat and rice along with peppers, garlic, coriander, and other spices. This is a place for comfort food. One can also have Xalwo for people having a sweet tooth. It is prepared by using cardamom, cornstarch, and butter.

Narok: If you want to enjoy delicious coffee then visit the Narok Coffee House. The Maasai community considers this place as their home. It is a place that has a lot of food which are derived from cattle. One can have Maasai fare which is prepared by using animal fat, milk, blood, meat, and honey. One can also have roasted meat and several fries.

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Maru’s Bhajia Cafe: If you are looking for some fast food with savory taste then you can opt for this cafe. Here one can expect some simple and good food like the yellow bhajia with turmeric served with tamarind and tomato chutney. It is also a great place to have tomato juice.

Hashmi Barbecue: This place is famous for chicken tikka. Whenever you are visiting this place make sure to have spring chicken tikka as it is filled with a lot of flavors and is juicy.

Kenyatta Market: One of the most famous Kenyan food is grilled meat or Nyama Choma. At the Kenyatta Market, one can have grilled beef, goat, and chicken.

Central Province: If you are someone who is a die-hard lover of meat then Central Province is the place that you need to visit. You can enjoy delicious roasted meat. Here the chicken or any animal is cooked without wasting any parts of it. The meat will be roasted perfectly in high to medium flame. Now the heart, liver, and tongue is used for making any stew and is also roasted in the coal fire. Mutura is a dish in Kenya which is made by stuffing the intestine and is a part of delicacy. Before making any soup the feet and head are cleaned properly. One can also have beans and maize which are cooked together and is served in this region.

Kakamega: Kakamega is a very famous place where you can taste several chicken dishes which are also popularly known as the Ingokho. This region is famous for the organic chicken which is produced in the farms where the chickens are having permission to move freely. You can find several homes where they have chicken for the slaughtering purpose during important occasions. Here the chicken will be prepared by sauteing it along with its intestines, feet, and head. As a part of delicacy, the hen which is having its eggs within is also slaughtered and is presented to the people. Before cooking any chicken, coals are used in order to lock the juices properly and bring the flavors properly. If you want to taste any scrumptious dish of chicken, then you can visit the Golf Hotel.

Fonda: If you’re looking for some Mexican restaurants in Kenya then this is the perfect restaurant. If you are craving tequila and tacos, which everyone does, then here you will taste some delicious items. This place has earned great authenticity and is filled with a lot of tourists most of the time. The dining room is filled with earthy red, cobalt blue and yellow. Whenever you will order any dish you can see that it contains all the Mexican ingredients like cornflour, black beans, and avocados and it will provide you with margaritas of 50 different types.

These are some famous places in Kenya where you can taste the regional food. Kenya is a famous place where one can enjoy a lot of meat item and seafood item. Depending on your food choices you will have to pick a restaurant. Make sure to visit several restaurants because it is a place where you can see a great influence of the outside world in its cuisine. You will find many dishes in Kenya which are also the same in other countries as well.

Before visiting any place make sure you are opting for a booking procedure in order to avoid the queue. The flavors and spices that are used in Kenya have made their food famous worldwide. You can taste different types of seafood here because this place is close to the waters so make sure you are having a stomach full of fresh seafood. One can also taste the street foods because it is going to satisfy your taste buds as well.




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