Chasing The Kenyans Blog What Is the Cost of Living in Kenya?

What Is the Cost of Living in Kenya?

Kenya has always been one of the major tourist attractions for travelers around the world. If you have visited the country, you must have thought not to leave it ever. Whenever you got surprised with the wilderness and adventurous nature of Kenya, you might have thought, ‘Can I live here forever?’ Now, there are many people who really wish to give their thought a shape. They may try to live in this country and that’s why you want to know certain basic information about living in Kenya. While you are settling in a new country, you definitely want to know certain details, like the style of living, do’s and don’ts, fooding style, etc. to make your living better. Today, we will discuss that to introduce a different side of Kenya to you.

Essential Things to Know about Living in Kenya

1.Kenya Is Not Full of Bright Sun Always
If you think you can get a beautiful tan while living in Kenya, you will be wrong. There are areas where you will have torrential rain. If you are living in Limuru, you have to cover yourself with winter-wear as it is the coldest part of the country.

2.Getting Financially Stability Is Easy
When people want to settle down in Kenya, most of them have a business in mind. Almost every family wants to settle their business there. And that can be simple as the economy of the country is developing every day and it is the biggest and the most prominent economy among the other East African countries. What you need to do is to research well about the market where you want to settle down your business in Kenya.

3.Have a Weekend on the Beaches of Kenya
If you are settling down in Nairobi, you can revive yourself after a stressful week just by spending time on the beaches like Diani, Lamu, Kilifi, Watamu, or Malindi. These beaches are only an hour flight from Nairobi. Get on there, dip yourself in the azure blue water of the Indian Ocean, soak yourself in the soft white sand beach and relax. You can’t have such an exotic weekend anywhere to get you back on the track again.

4.Know More about the Tribal Life
Still today Kenya has lots of tribes and each of them is different than the other. Initially, you may find all of the same, but, once you live there for a few time, you can differentiate them. Also, you will meet the Caucasians in Kenya who are born and brought up in Kenya but have British descent. The people of Kenya are very warm. You won’t figure out when you become a Kenyan, no matter what is there on your passport.

5.Where to Live in Kenya
If you are settling down in Kenya, especially in Nairobi, as an expat, you will find two suitable places for you. The first one is Karen which is kind of the old town of Kenya where people live from generations. If you want a modern abode, you can choose Westlands. Here, you can also live among the diversified community and get the chance to meet more people.

Traditional and Local Foods in Kenya That You Can Have While Living Here

Once you fix where to live, the next thing you get concerned about is the food. If this is the first time you are in this country and planning to live here forever or for a long time, it is better you get accustomed to the traditional and local food items of Kenya. Here are the traditional

Kenyan foods that you can also prepare when you are here-


This is the staple food of Kenya that you have to know while living in this country. It is made of maize flour and often is eaten with bean stew or beef stew. Once you know how to make it, you can have it at home.

2.Nyama Choma

This is one of the most favorite dishes of all Kenyans and it will be yours too if you stay here for long. Basically, it is roasted meat that is often served with ugali and salad. If you don’t prefer too much spicy food, this one will make your days perfect in Kenya because the only seasoning is used here are salt and pepper.

3.Chips Mayai

How about making your weekend breakfast full of fun while you are in Kenya? You can go for this dish which is nothing but French fries in an omelet. Though it is considered as junk food, you can have it sometimes, at the weekend.


If you are looking for something healthy, but easy to make, this Kenyan dish is really the perfect one. It consists of corn and any kind of beans. You can have them plain or add tomatoes, zucchinis, onions, and whatever seasonings you want.


No matter wherever you live, desserts after a meal are really necessary. While you are in Kenya, you shouldn’t miss Mandazi which is the Kenyan version of donuts. Made of flour, milk, yeast, sugar, eggs, and coconut milk, this crispy dessert is really yummy. You can have it plain or also with evening tea as snacks.

Transportation in Kenya

You know about living and food. Now, it’s time to know about the transportation system so that you get around the country freely. How to move from a place to another in Kenya?


These are small vans and the most popular transportation system in the cities. Usually, a matatu can have six to eighteen passengers, but it is often seen carrying more than its capacity. But, for a short distance, like 2 km, it is really affordable.

2.Piki Piki

These are actually motorcycles that can reach you a destination that is beyond walking. But, you have to be careful about the driver as you are riding alone.

3.Tuk Tuk

These look like a golf cart and quite common in Kenyan cities. Tuk Tuks are good for going far with luggage. But, if you are in a hurry, avoid these as those are very slow.

So, here you get to know about living in Kenya. The cost of living is always more than in India. But, you get to know a new country and culture which is not comparable to anything.

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