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Things to do in Kenya if you have only 48 hours

Kenya has always been in the list of travel enthusiasts. There are a lot of things that one could actually do here, but what if you have just two days? Well, there are a lot of options in this case also, one just need to know about them. If you plan things in a good way, then time really does not matter and you could actually visit as many places as you want and do as many things as you can. So, here are the top things that you could actually do when you are in Nairobi, Kenya for just 48 hours. We have listed a few things and few places according to the day.

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Day 1, Destination 1

The first and foremost thing that could be done on your first day in Nairobi is visiting the David Sheldrick Elephant and Rhino Orphanage.

The reason for which we have placed it in the first place is that it is one of the most popular sites of Nairobi and we do not want our readers to miss it just because they do not have the appropriate time to go around. Another reason for putting this place at the top of this list is that it is open just from 11 am till 12 noon in the first half of the day. So, it is the best way to start your day.

If you talk about the things for which it is popular, most of the people come here to see the baby elephants and rhinos that are rescued from various national parks of Kenya. This is the best place for those who love animals and especially their babies. You could see these baby rhinos and elephants playing in the mud and feeding on the milk filled bottles. The name of this place itself is an animal orphanage and thus these small baby animals are kept here. They have been separated from their mothers due to one thing or another.

The best part about this place is that, if you want, you could even adopt a baby and charge for adopting one baby is 50 dollars per month. The money that is taken from you does not go in vain and is spent fully on the animal you have adopted. So, this place is not just for visiting, but if you want to contribute to any noble cause like this, you could do that also. All of these factors contribute together and makes this place worth visiting.

Day 1, destination 2

This is still the day one, but the destination is not the same. The activity that we are going to talk about is somewhat similar to the previous one. This too is related to animals and we are talking about the Giraffe Manor. This is actually a palace kind of a place, where you could go and feed the giraffes from the windows. A lot of people go there and enjoy the time with the giraffes, but this is quite an expensive option.

You will have to spend a lot of money in order to enjoy this. There is an option similar to this for those who really want to enjoy the company of giraffes. Right below the Manor, they have the giraffe center. You could go there and could enjoy the same thing. The price and the entry fee of this place are cheap, in comparison to the manor as this particular place is managed by the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife.

The center has all the rare species of Rothschild Giraffes and if you are really interested in knowing the different species of different animals, then this is the perfect place for you. You get a lot of edibles here that could be given to these tall animals. While they eat the food you have given them, you could enjoy watching them. Along with the feeding thing, you could get to touch them and could kiss them as well. Seeing these animals so closely is an incredible experience in itself. When you will come here and will spend your time here, then only you will realize that this place is worthy of a visit and one could not afford to miss it.

Day 1, dinner time

From the subtitle, it is clear that we are on the verge of completing day 1. As the day moves toward dawn, it is good to find a place where you could get the best food served. Well, there are a lot of places where you could actually get good food, but do not forget that you just have 48 hours in your hands and you need to get the best in these 48 hours. So, the best place to have dinner, if we have less time is Tamambo. This is a special recommendation for those who love meat. The place is popular for its other cuisines as well, but nothing could be better than the various recipes of meat served here.

This particular restaurant is located in the Karen Blixen Coffee Gardens and there are a lot of reasons for which it is popular, not just amongst the visitors, but also amongst the local people. If we look at the settings of the particular place, then it has a natural sitting space and that too amidst nature and greenery. The menu is full of amazing roasts and grills and all these food items are enough to attract any food lover, especially meat lovers. Not just the delicious cuisines, but the local beer that you get to drink here is beyond comparison. The beer is called Tusker beer and you could enjoy it with gorge and BBQ pork chops. The way in which these are served is just fantastic. All of these would be served with the freshly baked bread slices. If you want to taste the local cuisine of Kenya along with the local beer, then this is the place you should come.

Day 2, destination 1

So, we have finished the ride of day 1 and have entered in the second day of this trip and the destination that we have chosen for you is one of the best places not just in Kenya, but in the whole world. If you are a travel enthusiast, then you must have heard of the Nairobi National Park. We know that the answer to this question would be yes and if you know this place, then you also know how important it is to visit here.

Again, there is a reason for which we have put this particular destination at the beginning of day 2.

In order to explore the national park, you need to book a safari ride and that too one day before. This safari ride starts from 6 am in the morning. It is not that if you have not booked this safari ride earlier, then you could not go inside the park. There are other rides too, one of them starts at 11 am, but the idea of getting into them is not good. If you do not take the morning ride, you would be caught in the sun and then spotting the animals would be difficult and tiring too. So, it totally depends on an individual choice that which ride they choose. The best part about coming to this place is that one could even spot the rarest species here. If you are an expert at recognizing animals, then you would recognize them easily, if not, then it totally depends on your guide. In a nutshell, this is a good place and could give you a lot of good memories if visited properly.

Day 2, destination 2

The day 2 will come to an end and a lot of time will go in exploring the national park. So, the time you get from there, you will feel the need to feed your empty stomach. This is the perfect time to come to the Carnivore restaurant, which is again a good place to have exotic meat. You could just think of the popularity of this place by the fact that this is not merely popular in Kenya only, but is known for various reasons among the whole of Africa. When we use the word exotic, we actually mean it. Right from the ostrich burgers to ox balls and crocodile sandwiches, this place has one option for each mood and each taste bud. The popularity of this place has increased also because of the way in which the food is prepared here. These dishes are prepared on the coal and they are served to the customers directly.
With this, the trip of these two days will come to an end. Two days is a very short time span if you have not planned things well, but the same time slot will be enough if you have the proper planning. This was the best options that you could actually do in two days in Kenya.

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