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The Best Destinations in Kenya

If you are looking for the synonym ‘adventure’, ‘safari’, and ‘wilderness’, it is Kenya that describes it all. Those, who want adventure and thrill in their vacation, Kenya will not disappoint you at all. Meet the wild beasts while enjoying the wild safari; get astonished at the beauty of the Lake Nakuru, and also get acquainted with the life of the African tribes, like Maasai, Samburu, Kikuyu, etc. Besides that, you can also get mesmerized by the awesome views of the mountains, coral reefs, hot springs, natural geysers, and lots of other natural exuberance. If you are planning to visit Kenya in your coming holiday, here are the best places to visit in Kenya. Read on to know more-

1.Maasai Mara Natural Reserve

Once you are in Kenya, you can’t miss the world’s most famous and adventurous game reserve, Maasai Mara. Located on the border of Tanzania, this wild reserve is the extended part of Serengeti. The name of the reserve has come from the red-cloaked tribe, Maasai who used to live in this park and graze their animals here. If you visit Maasai Mara during the Great Migration, you can see the herds of wildebeest; Thomson’s gazelle, zebra, and lots of other animals travel to Serengeti and also return from there. To witness this amazing view, you need to visit here between July and October. If you visit in the dry months, from December to February, you can also meet the predators, like the pack of leopards, lions, cheetah, etc.

2.Amboseli National Park

If you want to meet the large herds of the African elephants, you should definitely visit Amboseli National Park. Not only this park is famous among the tourists for its wilderness, but it is also spectacular for the magnificent view of the Mount Kilimanjaro at the background. The superb natural beauty of the park along with the views of the wild lives, like zebras, cheetahs, giraffes, along with numerous bird species will surely give you never forgettable memories.

3.Lamu Island

If you want to visit anything outside of the wildlife in Kenya, you should visit Lamu Island. When you are traveling to a new country, you need to know the history and culture of it to make your tour complete. Maybe Lamu Island is small, but it is rich in the old and traditional culture of Kenya. You can see the tropical timber houses with whitewashed facades which were the traditional style of Swahili architecture. Besides those, there are old ports and mosques on Lamu Island which tell the story of old Kenya.

4.Tsavo National Park

You need an entire day to enjoy the safari in the largest national park of Kenya, Tsavo. The park comprises of 4% area of the total country and that’s why divided into two parts, Tsavo East and Tsavo West. Tsavo East is the paradise for the wildlife photographers as they can get variety in the topography with volcanoes, Savannah, waterfalls, rivers, and so many natural beauties. For more variety, you should head towards Tsavo West. You will find the habitat of crocodiles and hippos at the Mzima Springs and there is also a rhino sanctuary. But, if you want to visit more wildlife, prefer Tsavo east as the western part has dense vegetation.

5.Lake Victoria

This is the largest lake in the continent that passes through three countries, Uganda, Tanzania, and obviously Kenya. If you want to feel the tranquil nature with all its beauty, you should visit Lake Victoria. Besides, the amazing aquatic life will astonish you. You can get to see the African helmeted turtles, Williams’ mud turtle, different other types of mud turtles, 500 species of fishes, along with non-native fishes, like catfish, African Tetras, bagrid catfish, cyprinids, and lots of other species.


Your trip to Kenya won’t be completed if you don’t visit the capital city, Nairobi. If the wildlife has amazed you a lot, it is time to taste the urban life of the country. Surrounded by the Nairobi National Park, this city always throbs with life. The nightlife is really enthusiastic here where you can find local eateries, African hotspots, and lots of shopping zones in the central market. Have a great night in Nairobi!

7.Samburu, Shaba, and Buffalo Spring

If you want to add more wildernesses in your Kenya trip, head towards the remote northern part of Kenya. Located on the banks of the river, Ewaso Nyiro, these three reserves are famous among those, who have come to Kenya only to visit wildlife. These three reserves depend on the river water and you can find there Somali ostriches, Grevy’s zebras, long-necked antelope, gerenuks, etc. Another interesting thing at Samburu is the Sarara Singing Well where the tribes sing while taking water for their cattle.


This is the port city of Kenya, located on the southeast coast of Kenya. Mombasa is famous among the tourists for its mixed culture and cosmopolitan nature. The city has been influenced by lots of cultures, like British, Arab, Portuguese, Indian, and Asian. The amazing markets, coral reefs, beaches, and the old monuments of Mombasa have made it a tourist attraction in Kenya.

9.Lake Nakuru

How will you feel if you find the world around you has turned into pink? Yes, you can experience that outside your dream once you visit Lake Nakuru National Park. The huge flocks of pink flamingos at this lake will keep you dumb-struck. Besides that, this place has 450 species of birds here along with other animals, like leopards, pythons, white rhinos, waterbucks, warthogs, and obviously, the lions.


Finally, this is another resort town in Kenya where you can take a break and enjoy leisure before returning to your own country. The city is divided into two parts. There is one part that holds the old Malindi in front the tourists with all its traditional attire, while the modern Malindi is the best place for all modern amenities and urban life.

It is really difficult to encompass the amazing destinations in Kenya within limited words. The country is heavenly for the tourists in every means. So, don’t waste time anymore and arrange your trip to Kenya.

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