Chasing The Kenyans Blog Is Kenya a good destination for Ex-Pats?

Is Kenya a good destination for Ex-Pats?

If you are thinking of settling in this Safari Central or Kenya then there are similar things that you will have to keep in mind. Kenya you will never fail to surprise its tourist, but when it comes to living in a popular tourist destination, then you need to know all the necessary information. As the expats, it is your duty to take necessary precautions and do the proper research on how the expats are living in Kenya. This is a land of friendly people, incredible wildlife and diverse landscape and it is comparatively safe when compared to other types of African destination.

As an expat, it is your duty to know about the safety issues in Kenya and how you should move to this place in order to have a comfortable experience.

Temperature: Kenya is a place which is very beautiful and the entire day, you will experience sunshiny weather. This place is extremely hot and the temperature can rise up to 38 degree Celsius. In several places of Kenya, the heat is very intense so people find it very hard to breathe. If you are relocating to Kenya then you will definitely get the glorious tan.

Food: Kenya is a place where one can expect to taste some quality steak and it is a land of amazing cuisines. Food is one of the major reasons why people are so attracted to Kanya apart from scenic beauty. You can find that the meals in Kenya are mainly made up of meat, fish, rice or couscous. All the foods are seasoned deliciously and you can also get several restaurants and hotels where you can taste the fresh products. Due to the temperature and the climatic condition of this place whenever you are having street food make sure it is recently cooker in order to avoid deterioration of health. If you are someone with a sensitive stomach then you should definitely avoid having street foods. Apart from that, it is quite impossible to comprehend the taste that foods of Kenya contain. Whether it is the Swahili cuisine or the seafood it has all the spices that are needed to satisfy your taste buds.

Housing: When you are settling in Kenya then you must know the prices of the houses there. It will definitely take some time for you to find the perfect neighborhood and house for yourself but the prices are extremely affordable. All the places are filled with leafy suburbs and gated communities.

Safaris: During the holiday or the weekend you can go to several places for wonderful safaris which are only allowed to the residents of Kenya.

Alcohol: Most of the Kenyans prefers to have chilled beer so it is not a place where warm beer is appreciated. All the residents of Kenya prefer to have roasted beef or Nyama Choma that includes salad and pepper along with freezing beer.

Nightlife: Nightlife of Kenya is pretty much awesome and most of the time out of control. You will find that all the dance floors are jam-packed and wonderful music is playing in the background and people are enjoying a lot of alcohol during the night time. Make sure you are not drinking and driving because it can end you up in jail and sometimes even worse.

Safety: Kenya is filled with incredibly friendly people. Just like other places this country also faces several notorious crimes and which is why Nairobi which is the capital of Kenya is also called as the Nai Robbery. So if you are carrying any valuable belongings like phones, jewelry, camera or other types of costly items then you need to be very attentive. Make sure you have security guards for your house and always live in gated housing and secure complexes

Social life: If you are planning to relocate to Kenya then you will have an amazing social life because this is a place which is filled with restaurants and bars and has a buzzing social environment. You will also get several good quality schools and private hospitals. You will get several educational institutions or schools which are following the British or International system. This is also a popular reason why people come to Kenya for educational purposes as well.

Medication: If you are moving to Kenya then you must know that it is a place with tropical weather which will make you prone to several diseases. If you’re an expatriate then you will have a chance of suffering. Before you are relocating to Kenya make sure you have taken all the mandatory medications and injections and boosters for the Hepatitis A, Typhoid Poliomyelitis, yellow fever, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Rabies, Cholera, and Meningitis.  It is very important to take proper precautions and the injections that are available here are not very expensive.

Integrated Society: One can encounter an integrated society if they are in Kenya. This is a place where you can see a large number of middle-class families. All the expat communities and the locals are not segregated in Kenya. The expats can freely move and visit several schools, bars, shopping centers, local restaurants, and country clubs. Most of the people are relieved when they know about this culture of Kenya.

Work permit: If you are thinking of relocating to Kenya then the first thing that you need to visit is the Immigration Department in order to get your work permit. If you are not sponsored by any company then you have a very little chance of getting the application approved. If you have a work permit in Kenya then you will need another one if your partner or spouse is thinking of working in Kenya.

These are all the things that one must know whenever they are thinking of relocating in Kenya. Before you book a flight you must know how fantastic this country is and what are the climatic conditions of this place. Always have the necessary equipment and tools that will help you with the relocation.





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