Chasing The Kenyans Blog How To Negotiate With A Kenyan Girl For Sex When She Comes To Your Place

How To Negotiate With A Kenyan Girl For Sex When She Comes To Your Place

Kenyan ladies never understand that we men are wired to expect séx whenever they visit us at our places. It’s the noble thing to do. Many guys end up struggling with the process of negotiating, otherwise known as ‘kuomba vitu.’ I feel for you bros. I was part of that doomed group that rush to buy nyama quarter for a chic and cook like a chef for her only for you to be denied entry into ‘Canaan’ later on.

There are chics who won’t give it to you no matter how hard you negotiate. It doesn’t mean that they don’t want to be filled by a man. It just means that your methods suck. Today I’ll teach you how to ask for ‘P’ the right way.

Personally with a girl I am intending to shag, I usually prefer warming her up through naughty text messages first. That way, when she comes to my place, she already knows what to expect – a heavy banging form the Mighty Etemesi . That’s my Plan A. I have Plan B too which will be the main focus here because:

1.Not every one is good with words and texting

2.Not all girls entertain naughty text messages form guys. Some hate it

So what’s the procedure? Well the best way to ask her to drop her ngotha so you can much her goodies is by not asking. She doesn’t need to sign a damn contract with you or even necessarily need to verbally consent to do it. All that matters is getting physical. Don’t ask “Oh Shiro, would you like to have séx with me?” She definitely won’t say “ Okay, let’s do this!”. She’ll see you as a fool

Why? Because if a girl is already ready to say “yes” but you start asking her if she wants to say “yes” or “no,” you are communicates that you don’t get her and don’t relate to her.

Men who are inexperienced with physically escalating with women at their very own turfs often ask . “How do you get her to agree to have séx with you in your [place?” They’ll ask, making it sound like séx is some kind of complex, rational negotiation between two deadlocked parties.

It’s your place and the price is you not her. Make yourself the desirable one. Make her willing to get on her knees and pray to your little god down there,

A bad salesman asks you if you want to buy something. A good salesman simply knows you want to buy (or assumes you do if he’s at that point in his process), and simply keeps moving things forward toward closing the sale, until you either buy or back out.

Obviously, if a woman says “no” or “stop,” then stop. But if she’s interested, if she’s excited, and if she’s moving forward with you as you move forward with her, that’s all the agreement you really need – you don’t need a letter of intent to copulate from her lawyer. She wants you to take her and dominate her as your lover; so just take her.

The rule you should normally follow is kissing a girl within 15 minutes of getting her alone with you in your keja. Faster is usually better though, unless she’s a little nervous The longer you hesitate the higher the chances it’s not going to happen. By hesitating, you are giving her time to reconsider. If for any reason she won’t kiss you on the mouth, don’t worry about it, and instead keep kissing her other places, touching her body, and removing her pants

Keep this in mind, ‘Attraction Has an Expiration Date,” attraction expires. It doesn’t last long… like a packet of milk, if you don’t down it fast, you may just pour yourself a glass and find it’s curdled.

Personally, all the girls I have ever lost are girls I moved slow with, Don’t let that happen. Be inside her, making her shout your name before she knows what happened

When a woman comes to your place alone or doing odd hours (be it Githurai, Zimmerman or Karen)”… trust me, she knows that something’s about to go down, she’ll be paying very close attention to your behavior. If you’re leading strongly but considerately, and self-assuredly without hesitation, she’ll be heartened and reassured. She’ll respond to your touch well but if you look scared and confused, she’ll close her punani with a lock. if you’re not making her feel wonderful with strong, certain, considerate leadership, chances are, she’s going to want to do something else. Like go back home

That’s why I tell guys to break patterns and do things differently as often as possible. The more you’re doing things in ways that she’s never seen or experienced before, the less likely you are to get snagged in a mental filter she’s constructed and the more likely you are to be able to move things forward with her. Give her a meal she doesn’t eat all the time. Let her find you doing something that she doesn’t find most guys doing. Talk about stuff other guys don’t talk about

Shy women will seem to panic and be nervous, and tell you, trembling but thrilling at the same time. But once you start escalating with them, they turn from kittens to killers, and the séx is often very passionate.

Sp be dorminant. Feed her, make her laugh and touch her. When a woman meets a man who makes her FEEL completely full of lʊst, and desire, and raw, throbbing, potent séxual need she will ache for him. And when it just happens, and suddenly they are alone, and he is on her, kissing her, touching her, bringing her to the point of surrender… then yes; even for a normally conservative girl, she will release her hold on logic and rigid rules, and she will open her legs

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