Chasing The Kenyans Blog How Sex Toys Were Brought To Kenya?

How Sex Toys Were Brought To Kenya?

Kenya is one of the countries where porn is illegal with grave consequences. Not just that, but even any sort of obscenity is also prohibited in the country. In such a place, it is really difficult to start a business of sex toys. But Karanja saw a great opportunity in this and thought of establishing the business of sex toys in the country.

Sex toys in Kenya may not be encouraged a lot but social taboos are fading. This has led to an increase in demand for sex toys all throughout the country. Today, you will find the most number of sex toys store in Kenya than ever before. Although pornography remains to be illegal the business of sex toys is fast flourishing in the country. In this article, we will discuss how sex toys were introduced to Kenya and other related details to it.

Introduction of sex toys in Kenya

Just like many other countries even Kenya is very conservative about sex and stuff related to it. The country has strict laws relating to pornography, especially child pornography. If you are caught promoting any sort of nudity or obscenity, you will be subjected to serious consequences. All this may sound strange to you but the government has taken these steps in order to abolish sex trafficking and child pornography within the country. There is no place for such activities in the country.

If you are found producing or possessing obscene drawings, writings, prints, paintings, photographs, etc., then you will be punished by up to 2 years of jail time along with $70 fine. The laws are strict that the country even banned the movie named “50 shades of Grey.” However, using sex toys is still considered to be legal in the country. Karanja saw an opportunity in this and started building the sex toy industry in the country. Although it was a difficult task to do he was surely successful in his mission.

Karanja first saw sex toys in the UK where he was taking classes for his master’s degree in business. He soon noticed that people in the UK were very open to using sex toys. Females were frank enough to declare that they owned dildos, vibrators and other types of sex toys. Not just that, but he also saw numerous stores at the high street where fluffy handcuffs and sex dice were on display. All this was definitely an inspiration for him.

Seeing the difference in sex culture between the two countries made him realize that he had to do something. This is when he was struck by the idea to start Dr. Crocodilio website in his home country. He established this site in order to change the mindset of people about sex. In clear terms, he was seeking to make a difference.

Dr. Crocodilio Overview

If you Google the best sex toys stores in Kenya, this is the name you are going to see on the top of the results page. Dr. Crocodilio was the start of the sex toys business in the country. As you already know the site was started by Karanja with the hope to change the mindset of the people and to promote sex culture. Considering the condition of the country, it was actually a tough task to do but he definitely succeeded in his mission.

Dr. Crocodilio is the best sex toys site in Kenya where you can get all varieties of sex toys. Starting from dildos to vibrators, you can find it all on the site. This site is meant to serve the people of Kenya with the ultimate sex weapons. This site at least has the potential to suffice the absence of porn in the country.

After the establishment of the Dr. Crocodilio, many other new sites were introduced. This was the start of the sex toys business in the country. People of Kenya should actually be thankful to Karanja for his efforts. Now couples can have a better time in the bedroom and that’s all because of him.

Sex toys sites in Kenya are really beneficial for people. Since you can order the items online, you don’t have to go to the store physically and get the items. This saves you from embarrassment or getting judged. When you order your stuff online, no one ever gets to know what you ordered.

Dr. Crocodilio is known to deliver within Nairobi’s central business district. No matter what type of sex toys you are looking for you can get it all at this site. Before the emergence of this site, sex toys were literally invisible in the country. But today, you can find ladies and couples possessing sex toys of various kinds.

What is a sex toy?

A sex toy is nothing but a sexual item that has been designed to give you pleasure during sexual acts. The main advantage of sex toys is that you can use it both alone and with your partner. Sex toys are mainly meant for pleasing women. There are very few options available for men. However, you can still get items that can be used by both the partners.

With the use of sex toys, you can enhance your pleasure. This is a great way of pleasing yourself when you are single or don’t want to sacrifice your virginity. These items are available at a minimal cost which makes it even more popular among the users. Couples using sex toys can have a much better sex life than the ones who do not use such things.

Kenya is still very strict with their sex-related laws. But it has definitely improved to a certain extent with the availability of sex toys in the country. All credit to Karanja who saw a great opportunity in this. Now Kenyan ladies can explore their sexuality more freely than ever before. Not just that, but it is also promoting a different mindset among the people of the country. Karanja’s sex toy business is not only new but also very much empowering.

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