Chasing The Kenyans Blog How Sex Toys Stores Grew Their Business In Kenya?

How Sex Toys Stores Grew Their Business In Kenya?

Humans are the only creatures on earth that don’t have sex only to reproduce. Unlike animals, we have sex to derive pleasure out of it.

Whether you are single or have a partner, sex is important and a constant part of everyone’s life. The feeling of sex is something that cannot be compared with anything else. No wonder, it is considered to be the best way of relieving stress. The fact that we humans are a sucker for sex is why we try different ways to make it interesting. From props to toys, we use anything and everything in sex to increase the pleasure quotient.

Sex toys are nothing new. They have been around for quite some time now. The main purpose of using sex toys is to enhance your sexual pleasure. People are usually shy to admit they use sex toys. But this is a fact that these sexual items have taken all over the world. You may not know this but sex toys are a billion dollar industry. This clearly states that the demand for sex toys is really high even if you hardly see anyone talking about it or using it.

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The demand for sex toys may vary from country to country. No matter where you go, every country or region has a sex store. In some areas, you can even spot multiple stores where the demand is high. Before the rise of e-commerce sites, there were only physical sex stores in existence. But now you have hundreds of online stores delivering sex toys. This has made shopping for sex toys much easier as you no longer have to visit the store and feel embarrassed. All you need to do is order the item of your choice and that too without letting anyone know.

Why do you need or use sex toys?

Sex toys can serve a lot of purposes. It can prove to be beneficial to you in a number of ways. This should be reason enough for you to use sex toys. The main advantage of sex toys is that you can use it even when you are single. However, this is mainly true for ladies. That’s because there are not many sex toys available for single males. Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider using sex toys.

1.Great stress reliever

We all know for a fact that sex can help us relieve stress. You can even masturbate to get the same benefit. When you are stressed, your body produces an excess of cortisol which is a stress hormone. This can be reduced by having sex or masturbation. In this case, you can make use of sex toys to enhance your pleasure. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that sex toys can help you relieve your stress.

2.Gives you increased pleasure

If you wish to take your sex game a level higher, the best thing to do is use sex toys. There are many types of toys available. But you should choose the one that you think will meet your need the best. In this case, you shouldn’t listen or take advice from anyone. It’s your body and thus, you will know better what is good for you.

People use sex toys because it helps them to enhance their sexual pleasure. Whether you are using it with your partner or alone, sex toys are great for every type of situation.

3.Improves relationships

Sex toys can also be good for couples. As you already know sex toys can be used to enhance pleasure thus, you can use it to satisfy your partner more. When you have great sex, your relation tends to stay strong. This is a fact that sex or physical intimacy plays an important role in every love relationship. If you think that your sex life is falling out of track then you can start using sex toys to spice it up.

4.Great for single people

Using sex toys is considered to be a great option for ladies who are single but still looking for a way to meet their needs. You can get toys of your choice and have a great time on your own. There is no need for you to search desperately for a partner.

5.Helps explore your body

You don’t know your pleasure points unless you start exploring your body. Every time when you have the sex you learn something new about your body. Sex toys can trigger points that can give you immense pleasure. There are chances that you wouldn’t be able to discover these points if you didn’t use sex toys. This is again a very good reason why you should use sex toys.

So these are some of the main reasons why you should use sex toys. There is no need for you to feel shy or embarrassed about using sex toys. Since it’s a private affair, no one needs to know about this except your partner.

Sex toys business in Kenya

As you already know sex toys are available worldwide. These are quite popular items among both men and women. According to statistics, there are countries where the demand for sex toys is really high. There can be various reasons behind this.

Recently, the number of sex stores have increased in Kenya. You can get both online and offline sex toys stores out there. Kenyans are among those people who are considered to be heavy users of sex toys. If you are wondering how the number of sex stores increased in the country, you can find the answer in the following pointers.

1.One of the main reasons behind the growth of sex toys in stores is the increased demand for the same. Kenya is one of those countries where people love to use sex toys. Kenyan ladies look for the ultimate satisfaction. It is said that people of African origin are known to have a high sex drive. This is one of the main reasons that have helped sex toys business to flourish in Kenya. As the market demand increased more stores started to come up to meet the demand.

2.Back in the days, there were only physical sex toys stores in existence. But with the rise of the internet now you can find numerous sex stores online. This has helped the sex toys business to flourish better in the country. Now more people order and buy sex toys. People who were shy to go to the stores can now easily order the items online without anybody knowing. In fact, there is a number of online sex toys stores than offline.

3.If you may know porn is illegal in Kenya. In fact, the country has strict laws against pornography. This means you cannot have access to porn to entertain or pleasure yourself. In that case, people will obviously opt for the alternative method which is using sex toys. People in

Kenya are quite curious about sex toys. This is yet another reason that has allowed the sex toys business to flourish fast in the country.
These are some of the main reasons that have led to the rise of sex toys stores in Kenya. Kenyans are highly sexually active people. Not just men but even women. Thus, you can very well understand the overall scenario of the country.

Popular sex toys stores in Kenya

You can find both online and offline sex stores in Kenya. However, the number of online sex toys stores exceeds offline stores any day. If you are looking for the best sex toys stores in Kenya then you should check out the following stores.


This is one of the top-rated sex toys stores in Kenya where you can find all sorts of sex toys. From vibrators to dildos, they have got a huge collection of items for you to choose from.

2.G-Spot Kenya

This is yet another popular sex toys stores where you can get all sorts of naughty and provocative sexual items. They even have their website from where you can easily order whatever items you want.

3.Doctor Crocodile

This is a very popular online sex toys site in Kenya. This site is great for people who are shy to visit offline stores. No matter what type of sex toys you talk about, you can get it all at this site. They also have some unique stuff which you may not have heard or seen before.

4.Kenya Secrets

If you are in search of sexy items this is the place where you should be. This online sex toys site has everything you need to pleasure yourself. You can go through their list of products and choose whatever appeals to you the most.

The sex toys industry is growing rapidly. Not only Kenya but there are other countries too where the demand for sex toys is really high. This is one of the main reasons for the growth of the mentioned industry. With so many stores getting sex toys of your choice in today’s world is no big deal.

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