About Us

Travelers who fell in love with Kenya. Now wants to share its beauty.

When it comes to traveling, most people would normally fall in love with Bali or Kuala Lumpur however, there is something about Kenya that magnetizes us.

We are Jin and Patricia, and we are travel vloggers. After spending a substantial amount of time traveling the world, we have finally found our favorite country that we have decided to move here. Every moment in Kenya is like living in a paradise where it feels like it is the last frontier of the world. The food is impressive, the people are incredible, and the country is one of a kind.

We have our website for our travel adventures, but we felt that we need to dedicate a lot of time and effort on this website to share its beauty to everyone. We sometimes feel that we want to keep this part of the world to ourselves, but that it would be selfish for us not to let everyone experience and enjoy the beauty of Kenya.

Come on and let us chase Kenya!