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10 Things To Remember When Visiting Kenya

Kenya is one of the beautiful places that you will ever visit. Its incredible wildlife, vast landscapes, and friendly people is what makes the place even better for your stay. If you are planning to visit Kenya, you have found the right page. No matter which place you visit, preparation is always must. Since you are visiting Kenya for the first time there are a lot of things that you don’t know about the country. To help you out, we have assembled a few important details you should know about Kenya.

Things You Should Know

Kenya is a lovely place to visit. It is a poor country but that doesn’t stop tourists from visiting the country to witness its exotic wildlife. Apart from that, the country also has a lot of other things to offer. Therefore, planning a trip to Kenya is totally worth it.
Just like any other African country, Kenya is a safe place to visit. But before you plan your trip, it will be better for you to take a look at the following pointers.

1.Personal safety

There is no doubt that Kenyans are extremely friendly people but let’s not forget that it is a poor country. Thus, you are likely to attract more attention especially when you are carrying fancy stuff along with you. Therefore, you need to be a bit careful while roaming around the streets of Kenya. It will be safer for you if you can avoid wearing expensive clothes and jewelry. Also, you are advised that you shouldn’t carry expensive things such as watches, cameras, etc., with you.

2.Animals and insects

When you are on your safari in Kenya, your guide will obviously warn you about the dangers and precautions. It will be better if you pay attention to your guide. This is important for your own safety.
Coming to insects, you will have to tolerate all sorts and varieties of insects in Kenya. Many of these insects can turn out to be dangerous. Therefore, you are advised to carry insect repellent with you all the time. This will protect you from the annoying insects from ruining your trip to Kenya.


When you are traveling to Kenya, you are required to take a lot of mandatory medication and injections. It will be better if you could do some research on the same. For example, you need medication for diphtheria, yellow fever, typhoid, rabies, etc.

4.Food and drink

Kenya doesn’t have a staple diet. Most of the dishes are served with some sort of rice with a portion of meat and fish. Everything is well seasoned and tastes absolutely great. But you really need to be careful when you plan to eat out on the streets. Make sure that you are eating from a hygienic food stall. Not just that but you also need to be careful about the drinks. It is better if you drink bottled water.


You will need a visa in order to enter the country. This will take you only $30 to $50. You can get your Visa either from the Kenyan High Commission or buy it on your own on your arrival. Getting a visa in Kenya is very easy and thus, you don’t have to struggle a lot.

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Kenya is basically a multilingual country. But the two official languages is Swahili and English. It would be better if you could learn some of the common Swahili words. This will make your travel even better within the country.

7.Friendly and welcoming people

Kenyans are one of the most welcoming and friendliest people all around the world. They are hospitable, open and delighted to have you in their country. This is one of the main reasons why people love to visit Kenya in the first place. When being around Kenyans you are going to feel loved as they don’t shy away from greeting and meeting their guests. Other than being friendly, they are also very helpful. So if you need any help traveling the country, you can ask any Kenyan and they will be more than delighted to help you.

8.Sim cards

Since you are traveling to a different country, it is obvious that you will need a SIM card to talk to your family at home. In that case, you need not worry much as getting a SIM card in Kenya is very easy. There are a few well-known operators for you to choose from. They provide you with excellent service. Not just that, but they even offer you some great data packages and coverage. All you need to do is provide them your passport and you will be given your SIM card. Well, it’s that simple.


You can find a few supermarkets in the country. You should know that Kenyans are very particular about their environment and therefore, they have banned the use of plastic in their country. So if you are out there shopping, you are required to bring your own reusable bag. You can shop for staples and dry good from these supermarkets. The prices are really reasonable and therefore, you shouldn’t have any problem shopping in a foreign country.

10.Carry your passport

When in Kenya, you are required to carry your passport all the time. No matter where you go you should have your passport with you. You never know when you are stopped by the cops. If you are faced by such a situation you are required to present your passport. Now that you have been warned you shouldn’t forget to carry it. If you fail to present your passport, you may unnecessarily get into trouble.
So these are some of the important things you needed to know about Kenya. With this knowledge, you are all set for your Kenya trip.

However, if you wish to learn more about Kenya and its people then you can search it on the web.

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